Friday, January 2, 2009

Ode to My Granddaughter

Have you ever had a poem just flow out of your mind onto paper? This happened to me this holiday when I wrote this:

Little baby girl you are a miracle to behold

You were given my mother’s name but you haven’t yet been told

What a special person she was

But you have her fight, her lust for life, ‘cause

Little baby girl you have my mother’s name

You have quite a legacy and it should be your aim

To live up to your great-grandmother’ s name

We will remind you of her goodness in every way

She is no longer with us, on earth, anyway

But she is looking over you every day

For you see little baby girl you have her name

And you should always be proud and proclaim

I have my great-grandmother’ s name!

I framed this poem and gave it to my son and his wife as a gift to their three month old daughter, whose middle name is Marina.

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