Saturday, May 16, 2009

Caregivers sometimes get "down"

Do you want to keep busy so you won’t have to be alone with yourself? Do you find yourself depressed when you are alone with your thoughts? These feelings are perfectly normal as a caregiver for an aging parent.

It is easy to go through stages of depression when you are dealing with the care of your parent on a daily basis. It is easy to busy ourselves to the point of exhaustion because it is easier than to face the fact that your parent is ailing or dying. However, the previous behavior will only add stress to your life and will add wear and tear on your mind and body.

When I found myself in a normal state of depression, I would read a book or articles on losing a parent or would call a friend. It helped me come out of the doldrums.

You need to give your mind and body time to regenerate. As you regenerate, your depression and stress will ease. During these times you might even come up with new ideas to utilize in your care-giving situation, new ways to handle your grief over losing your parent, or in having a new outlook on life.

Do you have any other ideas of things that you do, as a caregiver, when you are feeling "down"?

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Anonymous said...

This is Debby, 55, from Cape Coral, Florida ( From your blog I realize what a special mother you had. Unfortunately, when they were handing out mothers, I didn't get one as nice and caring as yours. My mother, who is 79, was and still is a selfish and inconsiderate woman. Without going into detail about my mother, I want you to know that you were fortunate to have such a wonderful mother. My mother is emotionally immature and is a user.

My mother's cooking was always so awful that my father had to take over the kitchen and he prepared nice meals. My mother didn't put much effort into anything except what benefited her . . . shopping, boyfriends and time away from her five children.

This blog was a nice tribute to your mother!